About me, the permanence of internet and the changing future

Welcome to my corner of the internet! come in.

Sit comfortably and keep your mind busy with my words that I've put together, if you keep reading this, probably you are interested on knowing a bit more about myself and my interests, what motivates me to wake up every morning or what are my principles.

To start, a bit about who I am, I admit I am one divided between a mix of two identities, as my life, divided between to countries and those also divided by many diferent cultural identities , I balance that discrepancy with the accepting of it and that infinite juggle and learning of both. The same happens with my two passions art and tech. I move between the two and play with the two concepts to push further one and another.

Focusing on the artistic side, I think that comes from my poor communication skills and the challenge I accept to be working on better ways to express myself, me more than anybody else, I constantly battle to assess and execute the best way to transmit ideas or what's going on inside me and what I really want to say, I hope that is not a problem with this post, I will make sure I spend all my focus and disposable time to make sure the main idea comes across, If not sure I will take time to keep polishing and updating it (Future me: "Sure I did 😉 ").

Telling people how to be creative is easy, it's only being it that's difficult

John Cleese

On the logical side I found joy on the organization of things and solving puzzle fashion of programmatic problems. How well a py script or just a piece of code can work and speed up some process that without it would take double the efforts, double the time and make the whole process less pleasant and everyday more tedious. That also comes from my family education on discipline and order and acknowledging the goods of it.

And it is with that balance of playfulness and hardcore discipline that I try to find new projects and work to help myself and others with that to get it done in a creative way.

The way to get there is complicated. For most of my young live I was just dived by the challenge of what being creativity meant, I spend a lot of my time practicing the skill and trying to develop a taste and style for my artistic self. I got the chance to work in many interesting companies, with ones in a life time projects and best of all, teams of people that they were amazing to learn from and that by the time

Meanwhile the code was running behind, I had the luck that my family identify in time that my interest and ease with technology and code was at early age. so, they helped nurture my education with a course of software development and new technologies. and with that I learned the basics to code this website, to run some e-mail server, how to develop an app, how to setup my personal server. It gave me a knowledge of the language of computers that help to master the technical challenge that this days being an artist means. Every day a new software a new tool a new gadget to learn. Coding always helped me to stay one step ahead.

Who are we being that people's eyes around us are not shining

Benjamin Zander

About this site, it an efforts to put all those thoughts together and in one place. I been seen, throw time, that platforms come and go, so having my own place were I can elaborate and reflect on the ideas that come and go in my head, and the ones that stay makes the more sense to me to work on my skills as developer and also find the right way and words to share with you.

Of course, I host the site, and ideas change and evolve and mature, so do I, I could easily make and update to the blog, refine some wording but be assure that I take proper time to say something and to understand it. If you know me in person, you know I'm one with very few words but be assured that what I say, I mean it.

So I hope you keep checking this site often

Thank you