Terms and Conditions

How I Use Your Data -- Just Like I'd Explain Myself

What I Collect

Personal Data

I don't ask for, use, retain, or share any personal information (like name, address, phone numbers, email, etc.). Not now, not ever.

Basic Analytics

Getting a little technical here! I've added a snippet of code that lets Google gather some basic info about our visitors on Google Analytics. Don't worry, it's all about making better experience for everybody.

Cloud Services

Time for a quick peek behind the scenes! I use Vimeo to host my videos. Keep in mind, Vimeo might gather some additional info on their end – stuff that I don't have access to.

Social Media

You'll find links around the site that take you to social media platforms. Just a heads up, those platforms might do some tracking on their end to see where you're coming from. But no invisible pixels are embedded here.


Rest assured, none of the data collected on this site is ever sold or shared with third parties. We're all about using it for analytical purposes to get a better grasp of our visitors.


I'm trying to keep enhancing the site's features and functionality over time.

Because of this ongoing evolution, these terms and conditions might need an occasional update. I'll ensure you're well-informed about any changes that come your way.

Cookie Types


This cookie is used to check that you are not a bot or crawler on my website and that you have read the terms of how this cookie is used. -- Expiration: One year.


This cookie is merely to check if the visitor has cookies enabled in the specific browser -- Expiration: Right after the check.


This Google Analytics cookie gathers basic information about the general region, language, and basic interaction on this site. -- Expiration: One year.


This cookie is an extra piece of code on the contact form, again, to deter bots and prevent data gathering from unwanted sources. Expiration: Two Minutes.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these terms.

While I strive to keep this site simple and user-friendly, the intricacies of technology sometimes call for protective measures against bots, crawlers, and data scrapers. Such measures come with their own costs.

I'm committed to continually improving this site and making it a great destination for your visits. If updates ever require changes to these terms and conditions, rest assured, you'll have the opportunity to review and accept them before committing.

In case you have a change of heart and wish to revoke your consent, please click the following button.